Onboard Effects, BCU - Band Control Unit
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Onboard Effects - BCU, Band Control Unit: One of the most popular items we have! Every guitar pickup has a natural resonance characteristic. The BCU is designed to supplement the resonance and to change the frequency and gain spontaneously to provide the controllable parametric EQ option. The BCU will give you a chance to experience the sound that starts from the bright tone of vintage Tele to the fat, mid-tone of a humbucking pickup. Features include: Knob 0 - leads your pickup to sound more rich, fat and warm by boosting the gain in a mid-range and reduce the low and high frequency range. You can have a humbucking sound from your single coil pickup. Knob at 5 - leads your pickup to give the harmonics a boost. Shifting the mid-high band slightly and reduce the gain in low-mid band. Knob at 10 - leads your pickup to sound more bright and have a distinctive tone by expanding your guitar sound. Low and high frequency will be boosted while mid range is V shaped. It has a powerful bass and treble by boosting a high and low frequency range while mid range is V shaped. Just pull the knob to up to bypass the BCU. Simple to wire and install. This unit replaces one of your existing tone pots. No drilling or mods needed. Comes with battery clip, stereo jack, and simple to follow wiring diagram. Comes with an easy to follow diagram, battery lead, and a stereo jack that will shut your battery off when you are not plugged in.
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Onboard Effects, BCU - Band Control Unit

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