Onboard Effects, QDD - Onboard Distortion Unit
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Onboard Effects - Onboard Distortion Unit: One of the most popular items we have! The QDD is a onboard Distortion Unit with 5 settings. Position 1 - Clean Bypass - like the unit is not there at all. Position 2 - Boost your signal giving you a little more gain. Position 3 - A light tubelike overdrive, perfect for blues. Position 4 - Good solid distortion, not over the top, just right for Classic Rock. Position 5 - Full on METAL - Great for high gain Metal - both old and new! The QDD has an adjustable gain box so you can dial in your sound just the way you want it. The QDD is active, requiring a 9V battery. No worries, the battery will last for over a thousand hours! Installing the QDD in your guitar is simple; just replace one of your tone knobs for the QDD. Comes with an easy to follow diagram, battery lead, and a stereo jack that will shut your battery off when you are not plugged in.
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Onboard Effects, QDD - Onboard Distortion Unit

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