Strat Trem System Steel Block and Saddles, Chrome
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Strat Tremolo - Steel Block and Saddles for Mexican. Color options available.

Need a new tremolo for that Strat or Strat copy? This is it! These fit Mexican Strats and just about any Asian-made Strat with the 10.5mm string spacing. Approximate measurements for the block are 75mm (3") width (left to right), 44mm (1.7") depth (top to bottom), and 12mm (.5") thick (front to back).

Features a solid steel baseplate, adjustable steel saddles, and full sized solid steel block. Throw out that zinc tapered tone-robbing block that came with your guitar and get with the FULL SIZE SOLID STEEL BLOCK here!

Includes Tremolo Arm, Spring Claw, 6 Mounting Screws, Springs, and Allen Wrench. Everything you need for installation is included.

If you need a Tremolo for your U.S. Strat with 10.8mm spacing, check out our selection of Wilkinsons.

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Strat Trem System Steel Block and Saddles, Your Choice of Colors

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