Wilkinson EZ Lock Tuners - Staggered 6 Inline. Modern style 6 inline tuners. Your choice of colors.

Comes complete with bushings and mounting screws. Requires 3/8"(10mm) tuner holes.

We have a staggered set here - two tall and 4 medium keys. Use the 2 tall keys for the E and A strings, and the shorter keys for the rest. The result is a smoother angle over the headstock, removing the need for a string tree!

These feature 2 separate string post holes drilled at 90 degrees from each other. Pull the string through one hole tight, wrap it 3/4 around the post, then pull tight through the other hole. Tune to pitch, cut the string, and you are done! 

Example: A) Select the desired string angle over the nut and pass string through the upper or lower hole in tuner post. B) Pull the string tight. Make a 90 degree bend in the string as it exits the post. C) Make one wrap of the string around the post (thinner strings such as the high E and B may benefit from two wraps). D) Pass the remaining length of string through the other hole in tuner post and pull tight. E) Trim off the excess string and tune to pitch. Stretch string and re-tune.

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Wilkinson EZ Lock Tuners Staggered 6 Inline, Color Choice

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