1V2T Prewired Harness, 2 Pickup, 3Pot, 1Vol+2Tone, 3WBladeSwitch
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1V2T Prewired 2 Pickup Harness
HH or HS (SH) 3 Pot Standard
1 Volume Control Pot + 2 Tone Control Pots
Two Pickup Harness ~ 3 Way Blade Switch ~ Mono Jack
Pre-Wired Electric Guitar Wiring Harness

These customized hand-wired harnesses work well with most Two Pickup (i.e. Humbucker-Humbucker or Humbucker-Single) Systems. We offer many style and upgrade options along with typical replacements in standard and left-handed made-to-order wire harness versions. Each harness is unique and, based on order selections as well current component stock on hand, may vary in appearance from the sample images.

This prewired harness features the following default options. Your menu selections may vary and we will wire to order.
*1 Standard 3 Way Blade Switch
*1 Standard 500K Large/Long Volume Pot
*2 Standard 500K Large/Long Tone Pots
*1 Standard Mylar 0.047 Tone Cap
*1 Standard Mono Style Jack
Customizable Options & Upgrades Available!

The 3-Way Blade Switch on this harness provides standard 3 Way pickup selections allowing for Bridge/Bridge-Neck/Neck options.

These harnesses use default full-size large (quarter size), long-shaft, body mount control pots that work with most coarse knurled, 18-spline style knobs (sold separately).

We also offer additional pot options for you to choose from to customize your new harness. These are available in full size Large (Quarter Size) or Small (Dime Size) as well as Short Shaft (~15mm) for plate/guard mounting or Long Shaft (~18mm) for body mounting. If you are going through a guard and body or have a non-standard set-up, you may need additional nuts or washers for adjustment (sold separately) or other modification. Longer life brass bushings, CTS styles and Push-Pull options are options in some configurations.

Audio Taper (“A” pot) or Linear Taper (“B” pot) styles are available. Players will often use B Pots for the volume and A pots for tone. We also offer your choice of OHM style. Traditionally, humbuckers are paired with 500K pots and single coil pickups with 250K pots. If you are coil splitting, we do not recommend 250K. 25K pots are used with active pickups and, if selected, include an upgrade from Mono Jack to Stereo Jack plus a Battery Clip (with ~ 150mm wire lead).

Depending on your style and what you are looking for in terms of performance, you might choose to vary from these standards, but results will vary at your risk (exercise extreme discretion!).

Our tone control capacitors help produce balanced bass, middle, and treble. Choose Paper in Oil (Black Bee), Sprague Orange Drop or Standard Mylar Chiclet Tone Cap as well as mfd measurements 0.1uF (usually paired with 25K pots / active pickups), 0.022uF (most often paired with 250K pots), 0.033uF (used for many different set-ups, including LPs) or 0.047uF (usually used with 500K pots).

Harness jacks work with standard cables only and jack sockets accept standard ¼” plugs. Your choice:
*Mono Jack (9mm mounting hole; tightens to your jack plate)
*Stereo Jack (9mm mounting hole; tightens to your jack plate)
*Barrel Jack (12mm mounting hole; tightens inside of guitar)
*Switchcraft Jack (10mm mounting hole; tightens to jack plate)

Soldering is required for installation. We provide basic instructions posted in the item images to show the connections you’ll need to solder. Please know your abilities, requirements, measurements and needs to make sure this item will work for you. We are available to answer any questions before you buy.

*Switch Height: 48mm
*Switch Insertion Depth: 28mm
*Switch Dimensions: 38mm (length) x 27mm (width)
*Switch Screw Spacing (center:center): 41mm
*Pot Shaft Length: 18mm
*Pot Dimensions: 24mm (diameter) & 30mm (height)
*Pot Requirements: 10mm (hole diameter) & 12mm (depth)
*Mono Jack Length: 15mm (without pins)
*Mono Jack Diameter (Mounting Hole Required): 9mm
*8” Insulated Wire Length
Variability is to be expected as measurements provided are approximations and based on the default options. Options selected will determine actual measurements (listed separately). Ask any questions regarding options, measurements, installation, requirements, special requests, etc. prior to purchase.

*1 Prewired Guitar Wiring Harness Kit
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only. There are no hard copy instructions or diagrams included. Basic directions are provided in the product images.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONS (Further Customize Your Harness!)
The Kill Switch Wiring Option allows you to interrupt the signal using an on-off, two-way toggle style mini-switch (~5.85mm diameter; 6mm hole required).

The Treble Bleed Volume Kit wiring modifier addresses the loss of high-end signal when turning down your volume pot. You’ll be able to keep more of your highs while maintaining volume adjustability. This wiring option allows a more constant tone throughout the range of your volume pot and helps remove the dark muddiness typically experienced in the lower volume pot settings.

The Series Parallel Wiring Option incorporates a two-way toggle style mini-switch (~5.85mm diameter; 6mm hole required) so you can flip your humbucker between series/parallel. Choose Series-Parallel BRIDGE if you want this for your bridge and/or Series Parallel NECK for the neck. Four wire humbucker pickups are required for this wiring mod to work.

Add an Onboard Effects (OBFX) to expand your playing and get more nuance out of every session. Our OBFX product pages detail these circuits and what they can do for your set-up. Active circuits require power. An OBFX takes the place of one Tone Pot (replacement pot).
*BCU (Active): Band Control Unit (Tone Shaper)
*EXP (Active): Expand to Peak Controller (Tone Expander)
*QDD2 (Active): Quadra Channel Sound Driver (Overdrive)
*QTB (Active): Quadra Tone Booster Driver (Tone Boost)
*TBX: Treble Bass Expander Control by Fender® (no battery req’d)
*VTC (Active): VTB/VTC Tone Expander (Tone Overdrive)

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups and user expertise, we do not provide specific information for every possible installation scenario. The provided BASIC instructions (posted in the item images, not sent as a hard copy with your order) will get you started. Please ask any questions before you buy if the posted instructions are not sufficient for your install or if you are unsure of your needs or ability to make modifications (if needed).
Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage. Installation is best with moderate heat only (don’t have your iron too hot). Pay attention during install to avoid damage; components are sensitive. Excessive or prolonged heat can cause irreparable damage. This item is prewired. If your set-up requires you to disconnect the wires, be sure to take a picture or make note of the connections so you can reattach (solder!) properly. We do not recommend a clip/tie method for installation.
Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues PRIOR to installation.

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1V2T Prewired Harness, 2 Pickup, 3Pot, 1Vol+2Tone, 3WBladeSwitch

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