7 String Humbucker Sets

Crusaders 7 String Humbucker Pickup Set 7 String Screamers Humbucker Pickup, Bridge, Neck, or Set 81C 85A Dragonfire Humbucker Active 7 String Pickup Set, Bridge or Neck
Crusaders 7 STRING ~ Hot Humbucker Pickups HH Set, Color ChoicesScreamers for 7 Strings ~ Humbucker Pickup, 7S Set or Single QtyActive 7 String Humbucker Pickups 81C Ceramic 85A Alnico Pickups

Dragonfire 7 String Crusaders feature oversized hex-style poles & 3 ceramic bar magnets for a wide effect magnetic field. Overwound high-output humbuckers for Rock, Metal, Thrash & Punk - heavy tone and rock-steady performance...

Dragonfire Screamers passive pickups are the ultimate 7 STRING humbucker for high output and clarity. Wound a bit hotter than standard Screamers, these 7-String Screamers provide crisp, clean, modern tone ...

Dragonfire 7 STRING ACTIVE Humbucker Pickup Choice of 81C (Ceramic) or 85A (Alnico) Choice of Individual Pickup or Pickup Set 1 Bridge Pickup, 1 Neck Pickup, OR 1 Set of HH Pickups Brand New 7-String Pickups Free USA Shipping from Oregon ~~..