H90s Humbucker-Sized Cased P90s Set, Black Pearl-Chrome
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Dragonfire H-90s

Humbucker Sized-Cased P-90s

Black Pearl with Ring Color Choice

Dragonfire H90s, Humbucker Sized Cased P90s

Wanna get some P 90 tone, but cut for Humbuckers?

Here you go! Drop in a set of our H 90s and see what you can do.

~~Product Highlights~~
*P-90 pickups encased in standard humbucker-sized half covers
*Brand new passive pickups
*2 conductor wiring
*Short style mounting legs
*Ceramic magnet style
*Wax potted matched set of Bridge and Neck
*Bridge wound to approximately 8.6K
*Neck wound to approximately 7.8K
*6 adjustable polepieces per pickup
*Bridge polepiece spacing is 52mm
*Neck polepiece spacing is 50mm
*Mounting screw spacing is 78mm

~~What's Included~~
*1 Bridge pickup
*1 Neck pickup
*4 Mounting screws
*4 Mounting springs
*BASIC wiring instructions

Nothing else is included. Any extra images are provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only.

Free USA shipping from Oregon.

Allow and expect variation in color due to differences in photo and monitor settings, perception, as well as natural product variance. Do not purchase if you are looking for a specific color, shade, pattern or outcome.

Installation requires soldering and compatible system. Basic wiring instructions will let you know which wires are hot and which are grounds as well as the most basic of connections. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups, we do not provide specific information or diagrams for installation. You should be able to use the simple information we provide to match up with any diagram or instructions you choose to use.

Please ask any questions PRIOR to purchase.

Thanks for shopping!

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