HSS Humbucker Single Single (HSS / SSH) Pickguard w/ Special Single Coil REVERSE ANGLED Routing, Strat Guard Replacement, Rounded Corner Style for Uncovered Standard Humbuckers, Three Pickup Guard, Blade Switch & Choice of Pot Holes
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HSS Strat Pickguard Special
REVERSE ANGLED Single Coil Routs
Blade/Lever Switch Cut & Choice of Pot Holes

Limited Time Sale!

This Humbucker-Single-Single (HSS / SSH) pickguard is cut for one standard humbucker at the bridge, a REVERSE ANGLE single coil at the middle and a REVERSE ANGLE single coil at the neck. Be sure to check your body routing prior to purchase. The rounded corner style of the humbucker rout on these guards provide a tighter and cleaner fit for your standard sized humbucker pickups, but will not work for active or covered humbucker styles without modification since these pickup styles are slightly larger than standard.

These guards come with a blade or lever style switch cut along with your choice of pot holes. Note that we do not ship mirror guards internationally.

We also offer Custom Guards – see the link in the Related Items section at the bottom of the page if you need something unique.

*Fender® Replacement Pickguard
*Standard Trem Cut
*11 Hole Standard Mounting Pattern
*Protective Film Surface Cover (remove carefully after install)
*Aluminum Shielded Electronics Area (shape & color may vary)
*Fender Standard USA & MEX/MIM 2002 & Newer Style Fit
*Beveled Edging

Control Positions
*We can send these guards without any control holes (undrilled so you can drill how and where you like) or with holes drilled in the position of your choice. Please check out the provided reference image for general hole placement options. Select the type of control you want drilled in the position indicated and “NONE” if you do not want a hole in that position. If you do not want any control holes drilled, simply select “NONE” on every Position Option.
--P1 – Position #1 – Standard Strat Volume Hole
--P1.5 – Position #1.5 – Slight Offset between P1 & P2
--P2 – Position #2 – Standard Strat Middle Tone
--P2.5 – Position #2.5 – Slight Offset between P2 & P3
--P3 – Position #3 – Standard Strat Bottom Tone
--P4 – Position #4 – Offset
*Note the following:
--Pot holes are compatible with full-size or mini-pots. Toggle Switch holes work with most Gibson-Style Toggle Switches. Mini switch holes are compatible with most standard sized mini switches.
--Be sure to check your body routing, control option selections and compatibility.
--We will drill as you select. Some hole placements will not be compatible with certain routing or may be too closely positioned to other controls for standard knob sizes. It is solely your responsibility to determine and select your desired hole placements. Ask questions prior to purchase as needed.

These guards will not fit anything other than specifically noted compatible models. Guards are not guaranteed to fit “Squiers” and will not fit “Deluxe” “Light” any Artist Series or Reissue, or anything else other than “Fender® Standard” model guitars in the years and configuration noted. Reference images are approximations and not to scale; variability is to be expected. Images provided are representations only.

Ask in advance and we are happy to provide fit/compatibility information or make special arrangements if possible. DO NOT PURCHASE if you are unsure of your requirements, needs or ability to make any required adjustments for your new guard.

Allow and expect color and pattern variation due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Sample images provided represent the color, pattern, or shading of these pickguards, but will not be an exact match. We do not recommend purchasing if you are looking for a particular outcome or are trying to match an existing color/theme on your guitar. We want you to be completely satisfied with your custom pickguard and thank you for understanding that we cannot guarantee a specific look.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.

Ask any questions regarding colors, materials, options, measurements, installation, requirements, special requests, etc. prior to purchase.

Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage, this is especially true for mirror style guards. Take your time for installation; do not use power tools and do not over-tighten screws or other components. Please be aware that some guards are extremely difficult to drill yourself if you do not have experience or proper tools. Mirror guards are especially suspect to damage. Any use, modification or damage to a guard invalidates your ability to make a return.

  • Style: HSS / SSH Blade Switch Strat Guard
  • Pickguard: Humbucker - Single - Single, Rounded Corner
  • Color: Choice of Sale Colors
  • Fit: U.S.A. & Mexican 2002 & Newer Fender Standard
  • Featuring: Rounded Corner Bridge Humbucker Pickup Rout
  • Type: Reverse Angled Middle & Neck Single Coil Pickup Slots
  • Attribute: Special Configuration HSS Pickguard
  • Item #: 4051
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

HSS Pickguard w/ Special REVERSE ANGLE Middle & Neck Singles

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