Lil VB - Single Coil Sized Vintage Bucker, Color Choice
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Discontinued pickup style; limited quantity. No returns accepted for this clearance item. These are temperamental and not for everyone. Please do not purchase if you don't know how to work with this style of pickup.

Lil VBs - Single Coil Vintage Buckers Pickup for any position (bridge, middle or neck)

1 Pickup in Cream Color

These are humbuckers in single coil sized pickups. The Lil VB’s feature alnico V magnets and 12 adjustable polepieces.

These pickups are a bit different from standard ceramic bar styles and require some finesse. The Lil VB relies on the individual mini-pole pieces to pick up the string vibration. If you have the pickup set too far from the strings, output will be diminished as these have a weaker magnetic pull and need to be closer. Obviously, you cannot play certain styles (requiring bends/pulls, etc.) with these. If you are not experienced with pickup and string set-up, we do not recommend this particular pickup.

Let us know if you have any questions prior to purchase.

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Lil VB -Single Coil Vintage Bucker Individual Pickup CREAM, Sale

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