Onboard Effects, TBX ~ Treble Bass Expander
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Onboard Effects by Fender©

TBX - Treble Bass Expander Control
Passive Onboard Effects - Fender® TBX Control
Expansion Unit for Guitar or Bass

The Fender® TBX (Treble Bass Expander) is a passive, detented, stacked 250K / 1-Meg control that enhances your tonal palette without the use of a battery. In Positions 0-5, you’ll have standard tone control functionality. At Position 5, you start to decrease resistance, allowing for more bass, treble and output. Features top quality potentiometers used on American Fender® instruments and 3/8" pot shafts.

This on board effect passive circuit control for passive or active pickups replaces one of your existing tone pots.

*Fender® Part Number: 099-2052-000
*Tone Shaping Power
*Split Shaft for Compression Fit Knob (non-threaded)
*Mounting Hardware Included

*Pot Shaft Length: 18mm
*Pot Diameter: 24mm
*Pot Height: 41mm
*Threaded Bushing Height: 11mm
*Required Hole Diameter: 10mm
*Mounting Nut Diameter: 10mm (inner) & 12.6mm (outer)
*Mounting Nut Depth: 2mm
*Washer Diameter: 10mm (inner) & 12.6mm (outer)
*Cavity Depth Required: 23mm
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected. Ask any questions prior to purchase.

*1 Qty TBX Unit
*1 Qty .022mf Tone Cap
*1 Qty 1-Meg Resistor
*1 Qty Tone Knob (White)
*Mounting Hardware (1 Standard Flat Washer, 1 Lock Washer & 1 Hex Mounting Nut)
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only.

Please check your instrument and set-up needs carefully to see if this item will work for you.
Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Instructions for installation are NOT INCLUDED or provided.
Inspect your order upon receipt; we pledge to address any issues PRIOR to installation.

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Onboard Effects, TBX ~ Treble Bass Expander Control by Fender(C)

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