Prewired Strat Pickguard HS, Crusaders
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Dragonfire Signature Series Prewired HS (Humbucker-Single) Loaded Pickguard, Crusaders.

Prewired on a Humbucker-Single Standard Strat Pickguard cut for one humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck. This pickguard has a shielded electronics area and 11-hole mounting pattern to fit U.S. & Mexican (2002 & newer) guitars. Click HERE for guard color samples.

This Dragonfire Prewired Hum-Single set-up features 1 Dragonfire Crusader Bridge Humbucker and 1 Crusader Single Coil Neck Pickup. These pups are wound around ceramic magnets to roughly 16K on the bridge and 5.6K on the neck. With a heavy, aggressive sound, Crusaders are great for metal, thrash, and punk.

Our Prewired also includes a 3-way switch to give you flexibility for your playing. You have control with the following positions:

  • Position 1 - full bridge humbucker
  • Position 2 - bridge & neck combined
  • Position 3 - neck pickup only

Full-size 500K pots, 1 for each hole selected, are included with this set-up. If you prefer to drill your own holes, select Volume Hole Position #0 (NO hole drilled) and 1 pot will be wired and ready for installation. Choose up to three holes or we can leave your wiring loose and ready for you to install after you drill wherever you want! Check out the image above for a visual of hole placement options. Please be aware that Position 4 may not fit in a standard route and additional routing may be required with this selection. Drill position choices are offered as follows:

  • Position #0 - No Hole (wired, loose & ready for you)
  • Position #1 - Standard Strat Volume Hole
  • Position #1.5 - Slight Offset between Position 1 & Position 2
  • Position #2 - Standard Strat Middle Tone
  • Position #3 - Standard Strat Bottom Tone
  • Position #4 - Offset

You can also upgrade with a coil tap, kill switch, and up to two onboard effects. The coil tap option allows you to split the coils on your humbucker in half, thus cutting out one coil and making your humbucker a single coil. If you upgrade with two onboard effects, your volume hole will automatically be set at Position #1 - Standard Strat Volume Hole.

We are proud to offer the most versatile and unique builds available anywhere. All wiring is done in house, customized just for you. Let us know the options and colors you want and we will create your dream guard! Installation is quick & easy - just solder your input jack and bridge ground.

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Prewired HS Pickguard, Loaded Crusaders Build w/ Hex Cap Poles

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