Pro Series Pickguard Blues Kat, Coil Tap, White
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Pro-Series Pickguards - Dragonfire Blues Kat - Standard Coil Tap.

The Blues Kat - One Smooth Kitty! Wired with our HSS Texas Blues set. Find guard color samples HERE.

We matched our alnico TB Humbucker with two TB single coils. The Texas Blues Humbucker uses an Alnico magnet for that warm tone with lot of output. Texas Blues Middle pickup reverse wound/reverse polarity to get that super quiet sound from positions 2 and 4.

Alnico slugs and copper wire overwound to 9K. Texas Blues Neck-Standard wound/standard polarity, Alnico slugs and copper wire overwound to 9K.

YOUR CHOICE of pickguard and pickup colors. As with all of our Pro-Series guards, this is wired right here in our shop, custom for you!

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Prewired HSS Pickguard, Loaded Blues Kat Strat Wired Guard

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