Pro Series Pickguard EC TBX and BCU, White
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Pro-Series Pickguards - Dragonfire Prewired SSS Strat Pickguard, Pro-Series Pure Noiseless Plus.

Wired with our Pure Noiseless Strat set, 7-way Switching, Fender TBX Tone Control, and BCU Circuit! Features include Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Pickups: 3 matched Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Strat Set, Alnico Slugs, completely NOISE FREE! Get the quack and sought after tone of a vintage strat without all the 60 cycle hum of standard single coil pickups.

Fender® TBX (Treble Bass Expander) Tone Control is a detented, stacked 250K/1-Meg control that enhances your tonal palette without the use of a battery. From "0" to "5" the TBX is your standard tone control, but once you pass "5" you start to decrease the resistance which allows more bass, treble, presence and output to flow to your amp.

THE BCU (Band Control Unit) gets that Clapton "Woman Tone" - big, full, rich, FAT sound. Make a single coil pickup sound rich and fat like a vintage humbucker. Used with the TBX for unlimited tones.

7-Way Switching. The Volume pot is a push/pull pot. When the pot is down, it works just like a regular strat. With the switch in the neck position, pull the pot up. Now you have the bridge/neck pickups on. In position 4 (middle and neck) pull the switch up to engage all 3 pickups! The sounds are endless!

Also includes Stereo Jack (shuts down the battery when the guitar is unplugged). While the TBX control and pickups are passive, the BCU is an active unit and requires a 9v battery. A standard battery will last for over a thousand playing hours. (No routing of your guitar is required for the battery). Prewired Battery Clip - just plug and play!

Sealed Super Quiet and Smooth 5-way Switch, for noiseless pickup changes.

Installation Instructions - standard change out time (with a string change) is 20-30 minutes! Everything is prewired for you, all you need to do is unsolder the included input jack, feed the wires to the jack cavity, and resolder the exact same way.

YOUR CHOICE of Pickguards and Matching Pickup Covers and Knobs.

ALL OUR PICKGUARDS ARE STANDARD FENDER USA RETRO FIT GUARDS - no redrilling the mounting holes! Completely wired to your desires! Just let us know what you want with your order. By far, this is one of our BEST SELLING Pro-Series pickguards. For this price, you will not believe your ears, and your guitar will feel like a whole new axe! As players, we would expect this unit to cost twice as much. Don’t let our price fool you, these are wired in shop for you, so we can keep the cost low.

Note: Due to the design, these are a little taller than our standard pickups. It's no issue for a Mexican or U.S. Strat body, but if you are trying to put these in an import (thinner body), you may need to remove some wood.

  • Item #: 2008

Prewired SSS Strat Pickguard, Pro-Series Pure Noiseless Plus

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