Pro Series Pickguard Pure Noiseless, Black
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Pro-Series Pickguards - Dragonfire PN Standard Prewired Pure Noiseless Guard with Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Pickups.

Our quiet, passive set all wired and ready. Solder wires to your input jack and you are in business!

See what our setup offers - Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Pickups: 3 matched Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Strat Set, Alnico Slugs, completely NOISE FREE! Get the quack and sought after tone of a vintage strat without all the 60 cycle hum of standard single coil pickups. Wired here on your choice of guards!

Standard American and Mexican Strat pickguard. Please note that due to the design of these pickups, they are taller than a standard pickup. They will fit full thickness (1-3/4") Mexican and U.S. Strats with no problem. Some of the thinner imports and copies may require a little wood removal for proper pickup depth adjustment.

Of course, if you want the effects and 7-way switching, we can do that too. Just let us know. Remember, you can use up to TWO effects - like QDD/EXP or EXP/BCU, etc. Each effect will take away one tone control. Using one effect will leave you with a MASTER tone control. You can use the 7-way switching and two effects at the same time.

The QDD, EXP, BCU, and VTC are active. If ordered, they will be wired in your guard with a stereo jack and battery lead. Everything will be ready for you!

YOUR CHOICE of pickguard and pickup colors! Upgrade your circuits with QDD, EXP, BCU, or VTC options. You can also add-on 7-Way Switching.

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Pro Series Pickguard Pure Noiseless

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