Strat Floyd Rose Pickguard HS, Black
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Pickguards, Standard Floyd Rose Cut Strat HS (Humbucker-Single). Cut for one humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck. Shielded electronics area, 11-hole mounting pattern fits Floyd Rose U.S. & Mexican (2002 & newer) standards. Single Volume Hole - you tell us where! Check out the image above for a visual of hole placement options.

  • Position #0 - No Hole
  • Position #1 - Standard Strat Volume Hole
  • Position #1.5 - Slight Offset between Position 1 & Position 2
  • Position #2 - Standard Strat Middle Tone
  • Position #3 - Standard Strat Bottom Tone
  • Position #4 - Offset

Please be aware that Position 4 may not fit in a standard Strat route. Additional routing may be required with this selection.

Your new pickguard will be shipped to you with a layer of protective film covering the guard surface.

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Strat Floyd Rose Pickguard HS, 3 Ply Black-White-Black

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