Tele Phat Pickup Set Tele Noiseless Pickup Set Tele Pure Vintage Pickups
Phat Tele Pickups ~ Telecaster Pickups w/ Oversized PolesTele Noiseless Pickups ~ Performance Pickups for Your TelecasterTele Pure Vintage Pickups ~ Vintage Telecaster Performance

Dragonfire Phat Tele Pickup Set. Tele tone with some power! Oversized poles for amazing snap and string response. Alnico magnets, ring your notes off the fretboard like never before and make use of the phat bottom end~~..

These Tele Noiseless Pickups are designed to give you the clear Tele performance you want without the noise. We’ve eliminated the 60-cycle hum so your true sound and skill can shine. Featuring Alnico 5 Magnets for warmth and depth ~~...

Dragonfire Pure Vintage Tele Pickup Set. Need that twangy vintage Tele sound? We have it! As with all our Tele pickups, choose a bridge or neck alone or go with the set for performance and savings. Alnico magnets and vintage Tele~~...





Tele Rails Alnico Tele Rails Tele Standard Pickup Set
Tele Rails AlNiCo Pickups ~ Alnico V (AV) Humbucker PerformanceTele Rails Pickups ~ Humbucker Performance for Your TelecasterTele Standard Pickups ~ Modern Sound for Your Telecaster

Dragonfire Tele Rails AlNiCo 5 ~ Humbucker Pickup Performance for Your Telecaster (Set/Individual), Powerful Alnico 5 Bar Magnet Style, Humbucker Sound in Tele Single Coil Size, 4 Wire Pickups, Coil Split , Hot Wound Performance ~~...

Dragonfire Tele Rails Tele Pickups, Choice of Individual Pickup or Pickup Set, Your Choice of Colors, Humbucker Sound in Tele Single Coil Size, 4 Conductor Wiring (4-Wire Pickups), Ceramic Magnets ~~...

Tele Standard Pickup Set wound with ceramic magnets for modern Tele sound at a price you’ll love. They offer the response and clean clarity needed for your Tele performance while still giving you ~~...




Tele Texas Blues Pickup Set
Tele Texas Blues Pickups ~ Hot Performance & Cool Tele Sounds

Dragonfire Tele Texas Blues. Hot overwound tone as big as Texas! Make your Tele sing the blues with big and bold response, clarity and mid-range punch. Hot output - roughly 10.5K on the bridge and 9.5K on the neck (same as the Fender...