Vintage Alnico PJ Bass Pickup Set
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Dragonfire VINTAGE ALNICO PJ BASS Pickup Set
1 Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup + 1 P Bass Split Precision Pickup Set
Brand New Matched 4 String PJ Bass Vintage Alnico Passive Pickup Set

Blend the benefits of the Jazz Bass Pickup with the P Bass Split Pickup for another level of playing. Layer your style and explore the sound possibilities provided by this marriage of two great bass pickup playing flavors.

The Dragonfire PJ Bass Pickups in this Vintage Alnico Passive Set are great for warm, round, vintage PJ-Bass performance and tone. Rich and dynamic, these excel in the low to mid-range while still allowing for satisfying low-end forays and high-end response. Alnico 5 magnets and cloth wrapped wires mellow out your tone and help add a new dimension to your playing while flat-top pole pieces to provide better balance and output across the strings. The eight-pole design on the single-coil J Bass Vintage Alnico Pickup and Split P Bass Vintage Alnico Pickups (4 each split) will work for your fretted or fretless 4-string bass. Wax potting on the pickups helps isolate sound and reduce feedback or other undesirable noise. These pickups produce roughly 6.4K output on the Jazz bridge pickup and 8.6K (approximate) output on the P pickups.

Softer and fuller than ceramic pups, these Alnico PJ pickups are great for most styles of bass play and have tons of versatility. The J Bass pickup comes wired with a colored (hot) wire and black (ground) wire. The precision-style pickups are single-coil split for two distinct pickups wound opposite from each other and come wired with a white (hot) wire and black (ground) wire plus red pickup connection wire (roughly 6” in length). This design allows for more even tonal capability and balanced sound along with reduced hum. This matched set is collaborative and the pickups will work in conjunction with one another for best possible performance. These are great for big, substantial playing styles with the thickness and thump you need while still providing tons of versatility to push the boundaries of your play.

Bass pickup dimensions have varied over time so be sure to check your cavity and available space with the approximate measurements for these pickups (provided below).

*Brand New Set of Vintage Alnico PJ-Bass Passive Pickups
*Works with 4-String Bass Guitars
*Alnico V Magnet Style
*Wax Potted Pickups
*Adhesive Backing on Pickup Pad (for easier installation; one side of each pad)
*Screw Head Type: Phillips Pan Style Head (not counter-sunk)

*Output: 6.4K (J Bass Bridge) & 8.6K (Split P Bass Pickups) DCR (Resistance)
*Flat Top Polepiece Spacing: 58.5mm (J Bass Bridge) & 30.6mm (Split P Bass Pickups)
*Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup Dimensions
-Overall Pickup Length: 94.8mm
-Overall Pickup Width: 30mm (18.6mm excluding screw flanges)
-Overall Pickup Depth/Height: 23.6mm
-Bridge Pickup Screw Flange Spacing (center:center): N:S 24.2mm & E:W 40mm
*P Bass Split Pickup Dimensions
-Overall Pickup Length: 72mm (57mm excluding screw flanges)
-Overall Pickup Width: 27.6mm
-Overall Pickup Depth/Height: 14.4mm
-Pickup Screw Flange Spacing (center:center): 65mm
*P Bass Pickup Pad Measurements: 39.5mm x 18.2mm x 13.5mm
*J Bass Pickup Pad Measurements: 64mm x 14mm x 13mm
*Overall Screw Length: 37.5mm
*Screw Head Diameter: 4.2mm
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected.

*1 Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup
*1 P Bass Split Pickup Set
*3 Foam Pickup Pads
*8 Pickup Mounting Screws (your choice of color)
Nothing else is included. Supplementary images may be provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only.

Instructions for installation are NOT included. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups, we do not provide specific information or diagrams for installation. You should be able to use basic knowledge of wiring with the diagram or instructions of your choice. Installation requires soldering. We do not provide technical or any other type of support for installation, configuration, modification, or use of this item. Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage. Do not purchase if you are unsure of your ability to successfully complete installation.

ALLOW & EXPECT variation in color due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance.

CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASE if you have any questions or concerns regarding color, pattern, fit, materials, installation requirements, compatibility with your instrument, measurements provided, or anything else.

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VINTAGE ALNICO PJ Bass Pickup, 4 String PJ Set, Color Choice

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